Data Science Track


Data science is an emerging field at the crossroads of mathematics, statistics and computer science, that aims at extracting knowledge and insights from large amount of data - big data. This cutting-edge science delivers innovation and induces tremendous transformations in our society in numerous lines of business, going from robotics to health, via logistics, home automation, e-business or finance. The Data Science Track of the SID Master aims at training future engineers and researchers which will be tomorrow's data managers and data scientists.

The M2 SD courses are taught in English. The M2 welcomes international students.

Job Prospects

Job prospects after the Master 2 include data scientist, R&D engineer and consultant in data collection, managing and mining. The current demand for qualified data professionals is growing exponentially.

Student who wish to prepare for research careers in data science are encouraged to apply for a PhD position (be it in an academic lab or in a company), as the Master SID provides a good background for a doctoral program.

Projets and Internship

The goal of course projects is to provide depth in a particular area as seen in class in a hands-on fashion. Projet assignments are due at each semester of the 2-year Master. Students can choose to work alone or as a teamn and are supervised by faculty. During the M2, the capstone project consists of a semester-long work sponsored by a faculty member or local organization, either as industry-supplied or part of existing research projects.

The 2nd year of the Master is supplemented by a semester-long internship (4 to 6 months). Internship is a hands-on experience one of the most important investment in the student career. This real-world practicum can take place in a company, or in a lab, for students interested by academic research. Intership can be in France or abroad.